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Nicola signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Knit or Crochet for Maidenhead Town Show

Sat 3 Sep 12:00 pm
Craft Coop, 79 Queens Walk, Nicholsons Centre, Maidenhead, SL6 1LJ
In memory of Deborah Jones

Feeling creative? Yarn Bombing Maidenhead, is a group who will be decorating Maidenhead with knitted and crocheted creations in memory of Deborah Jones, co-founder of the Craft Coop. They are particularly looking for knitted or crocheted flowers, anything on a seaside theme (fish? octopus? bucket and spade? - wherever your imagination or creativity takes you), or granny squares (preferably 4-inch square). These will be used to decorate postboxes, statues, bollards and lamp posts in and around Maidenhead So get out those knitting needles and crochet hooks and see what you can do! If you need patterns, check out their facebook page , Finished items can be dropped off at the Craft Coop in the Nicholsons Centre by Saturday 3rd September, or hand to Sheila before this date

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Nicola went on a group run
Group run
Windsor and Maidenhead

We put the 'fit' in graffiti cleaning (aka Diya's 100th good deed!)

Wed 10 Aug
Report written by Amy Lovell

Our first ever graffiti cleaning session! Thanks to RBWM for giving us two very smart graffiti cleaning kits to use on this task. Also thanks to Diya for giving us a great big reason to celebrate after the task. More on that in a bit...

Let us spray...

The combination of special spray, wipes and elbow grease worked wonders to clean up signs, walls, green electrical boxes, bins and lamp posts. We focused on the area from College Road, over the pedestrian railway bridge, down the Crescent, into one corner of Kidwells Park, and part of the underpass that leads from there to West Street. We don't think we accidentally erased any Banksy's, just lots of tags and, um...submarines?

We were a nice big group, so we litter picked too, filling up three big bags. As ever we had lots of fun on the task, chatting and laughing as we went.

We put the 'fit' in graffiti cleaning

As it was a hot evening there wasn't much appetite for running, but we still got our fitness fix with some squats, press-ups, and Rhi, Jordan and I threw in a few hill reps too. After the task as a special treat we had access to some of my Pilates kit and did a mini foam roller session, challenging balance and core mobility. There may also have been some play fighting with the foam rollers...

Diya think she could be any more awesome?

Then came the moment we had all been waiting for! Our celebration of Diya's 100th good deed. Thanks to Georgeta for making a show-stopping Victoria Sponge, and to Anita for making some scrummy sesame biscuits for the occasion. Here is my poem to celebrate Diya and her fantastic achievement:

A round of applause for Diya,

And someone get her a beer!

A big day in her GoodGym career…

Her 100th good deed is here!

I first met Diya at the weir…

Using fancy raking gear.

She had moved from Newham to Berkshire,

And it was great to see her.

She’s given the weeds a clear,

And she’s painted far and near,

In every month of the year,

With GoodGyming she’ll persevere.

On social visits she’s a listening ear,

And her smile is always sincere.

Diya means light, and like a chandelier,

She brightens every sphere.

Diya’s also a keen sight-seer,

Loves to explore a new frontier,

For a photo op she’ll magically appear,

And her selfie-skills are top-tier.

At parkrun she’d say she brings up the rear,

But that’s just her modest veneer.

I want to write about football and cycling here,

But alas I’m not Shakespeare.

So let’s here it once more for Diya,

A truly exceptional volunteer.

Let’s give her a huge cheer,

And make this cake disappear!

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Nicola signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Say it with flowers!

Mon 22 Aug 11:00 am
Lavender Green Flowers , 17-18 Bridgewater Way, Windsor, SL4 1RL
Spread a little kindness with Lavender Green

We have a lovely opportunity to team up with Windsor-based florists Lavender Green Flowers and spread a little joy around the local area.

The team will have lots of pre-loved flowers and foliage left from five events that are taking place over the weekend, and have asked for our help to share them with the wider community.

Their florists will run two drop-in sessions for us on Monday 22nd, each lasting an hour, where they will teach us how to make small bouquets and bunches. The first will run from 11am-12noon and the second from 3pm-4pm.

Then, it will be up to us to brighten someone’s day by delivering these to new owners. There are two ways we can do this: 1. By selecting local good causes such as hospices and care homes, and delivering the flowers to them. 2. By handing out bunches to people in the street or leaving them for others to find in “random acts of kindness”.

We can use this as an opportunity to get fit while we do good, by walking, running or cycling to distribute the flowers - or if we choose good causes which are slightly further afield then we may need volunteer delivery drivers!

For those who aren’t familiar with them already, Lavender Green have supplied flowers for the Royal Family as well as special events at galleries, museums and historic houses - the Tower of London, Tate, V&A Wimbledon and Royal Ascot to name but a few places they have been lately (they have a London branch too).

Donating flowers is part of their ongoing sustainability initiative, so they are not only spreading a little kindness to others but also reducing their carbon footprint too.

This is an amazing opportunity to work with highly trained florists to put our creative skills to the test and then do a good deed through the power of flowers!

If you are interested in attending then please sign up and use the comments below to indicate which session you’d like to join (or if you’d like to help with deliveries during the day that would also be great!).

If you have any ideas for good causes you’d like to donate your flowers to/would prefer the “random acts of kindness” option then please add these to the comments - or we can take suggestions from some of the causes Lavender Green support.

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Nicola signed up to a group run
Group run
Windsor and Maidenhead

Graffiti, your days are numbered!

Wed 10 Aug 18:45 pm
The Windsor Castle Pub, Bath Road, Maidenhead, SL6 4JT
Our first ever graffiti removal task

#WednesdayNightIsGoodGymNight and this Wednesday we're having a go at something new on our group run/walk. RBWM have given us some 'easy-off' graffiti removal kits and its time to press them into action.

All the graffiti pictured in the photo on this listing has been spotted between Maidenhead's Windsor Castle Pub and Kidwells Park. We'll meet outside the pub to welcome everyone and warm up, then we will jog and walk towards Kidwells, cleaning up as we go. We'll take some litter pickers too just in case.

The route is downhill and less than a kilometre, but runners will have the option to add on extra distance if desired. In the park we'll hunt for more graffiti to clean up and do some fun fitness too before we return back up the hill to our start location. Since this happens to be a pub you are welcome to stick around after the session for refreshments.

Everyone is welcome at GoodGym. You can choose what pace you run or walk and we will always make sure no one is left alone. The fitness session will have low impact options as well as higher impact and the emphasis is always on having fun and working together to do good. If you're thinking of joining and have any questions then you're welcome to contact Area Activator Amy at

Can't wait to see you there!

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Nicola went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

More watering and some weeding

Thu 4 Aug
Report written by Kanika

Four GoodGymmers returned to the allotment for our weekly visit to water the produce and fill the water butts. Anita, Nicola and Diya went about swiftly watering the plants and then took up some weeding and hedge trimming towards the back of the patch. Meanwhile, Kanika tackled the weeds in the Spinach bed to clear it out for the next batch to be planted. Until next Thursday... 👋

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Nicola signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Watering at the Maidenhead Community Allotment

Thu 4 Aug 18:00 pm
Boyn Grove Community and Resource Centre, 11 Courthouse Road, Maidenhead, SL6 6JE
Give the fruit and veggies a big drink and watch them thrive!

Stop by the Maidenhead Community Allotment on your walk, run or bike ride and give the fruit and veggies a big drink.

The allotment is quite well hidden. You need to go past the entrance to the library and to the far end of the Community Resource Centre building to find it (opposite end to where the playground is). If you’re lost call Amy on 07939 487106.

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Nicola completed a walk • Evening Walk
Fri 29 Jul
Nicola completed a walk • Afternoon Walk to GoodGym
Mon 25 Jul
Nicola went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

A less blue Monday

Mon 25 Jul
Report written by Nicola

We were back at All Saints Junior School to continue with the hallway paint job started the previous week. Armed with brushes and rollers and joined by honorary GoodGymers Emma and Lisa, we were able to add another coat of white to the walls, which are definitely looking less blue than when we started!

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Nicola completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Wed 20 Jul
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