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Use your workout to make a difference to someone’s life.

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We’re a community of runners that combine getting fit with doing good in Oxford. We stop off on our runs to support isolated older people and run as a group to help community projects in the places where we live.

Why you should get involved

Increase your motivation to exercise

Make a difference to someone's life

Connect with great people and projects

How it works

We get fit by doing good in the following three ways.

Run to help older neighbours

Exercise whenever you can

We run to help out older people with one-off practical tasks that they are no longer able to do on their own. Missions give us a reason to run, take us on different routes and make a big impact on someone's life.

Run to visit an isolated older person

Motivate yourself to run regularly

Over a million older people in the UK are always or often lonely – some go for months without seeing friends or family. Visiting an older person as part of your weekly run can make a huge difference to their life.

Run in a group to help community projects

Train in a group weekly

Every week we workout by helping local community projects with physical tasks like digging, shifting, lifting and planting – then run back all within 90 minutes.

Get started

To get started, try a group run or get fully involved as a GoodGym member.

Try a group run


Join us on a group run; run to help a community project in Oxford.

Become a member

Optional £9.95 monthly donation

  • Run to help older people
  • Access sessions across the country
  • Claim your GoodGym t-shirt from New Balance

You can make a difference

Before GoodGym I always lost motivation to stick at running or the gym but now I run two or three times a week.

Hazel, GoodGym Runner

I was very lonely. You've opened up a whole new world to me. Being a runner's coach is wonderful. They've given me the confidence to get out there again.

Sheila - GoodGym Coach

Running with GoodGym is great because I get fit, do good and get to hang with a load of awesome people.

Mark, GoodGym Runner

The World's most innovative Aging projects.

Financial Times

GoodGym offers an imaginative alternative to conventional gyms, tapping into the human potential of local communities.

The Guardian

Why burn energy in the gym when you could harness that effort to spruce up public spaces, or visit lonely pensioners?

The Independent

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